Unfolding Your Wisdom

April 18-21, 2024

A retreat experience for you to sink into the comfort of being with women who are passionate about living their life to their fullest expression!

Do you yearn for time to re-ignite passion for who you are and your life purpose?

Are you searching for a safe community
to be authentic, not competitive?

Are you a woman seeking
wholeness & fulfillment?

Do you delight in insights that
uplift and energize your life?

 A Joyful Retreat of Discovery & Celebration!

Each of us is a woman of wisdom and this retreat is about honoring that wisdom and celebrating the fullness of being a woman. It is an opportunity to rest and reflect and be re-energized. It will fill you with delightful surprises, awesome insights, and marvelous memories.   You will dive deep and expand your consciousness and the aha insights you receive will be life enriching, and could be life-changing!  For sure, it will support you in taking your next step forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the retreat fun, fast-paced, and relaxing? YES! It is full of a variety of activities that are simple and engaging and you will leave each session eager for more!

2.  What enhances the activities?  Music, Movement, and Musings allow the belly laughs and the healing tears to bubble up from deep within and create a safe and sacred circle of empowerment and authentic friendships.

3How is the content framed?   The activities are designed around embracing the wisdom of nature, your body, your creativity, your intuition, and celebrating the community of women.

 4.  What is the agenda  and am I required to attend each one?  Yes, participation in all the sessions is required to ensure continuity of the conversations and activities, and even more importantly,  to maintain the integrity of the Circle.

All the activities and conversations are enhanced by soul-touching music and engaging activities.

There will be ample time for exploring, relaxing, and enjoying the natural surroundings.

5. What kind of women attend?  Women of all ages and stages….as young as 24 and as ‘young at heart’ as 75+.  All the women have had an open heart and mind and they have all had a wonderful sense of humor! We have a great time sharing laughter and tears, wise words and fun stories.


I am so grateful for the miracle of you, Mary. Your retreat was the push I needed to let go of my past and to move forward in the direction on my dream of pursuing my song writing and singing. Had it not been for you and the wisdom I gained at your retreat I would still be just dreaming. You made me believe in possibilities. In the last 4 months I have written and recorded eleven songs for my first CD which is now available! The Joyful Spirit in me was AWAKENED, is now AWARE, and so very ALIVE. Thanks Mary!!
Shari B

I want to thank you for the incredible experience of last weekend. It was truly magical, and I am not the same person I was when the retreat started. You are truly gifted … With creativity, talent and integrity you led us all to new places and insights…this work is helping to illuminate our world.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! My mind thanks you! My body thanks you! My spirit thanks you! What an amazing retreat! Thank you for bringing forth the courage, wisdom, leadership and intent that allowed all the beautiful women to experience such incredible richness and transformation!

…I learned I can trust my intuition, that small still voice, that homing beacon to my soul, and I am filled with gratitude for this life. My life now is truly a unique masterpiece unfolding daily with connections to my soul that I never could have imagined. Thanks for being your authentic you and showing me my joyful Soul!
Michele D.



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