This is a season filled with symbols, metaphors, legends,traditions, messsages, and busyness for so many of us.  And I love it!    Lately,  I am more exhausted than I used to be, but I still love the energy of anticipation and kindness that is universally acknowledged at this time of year.

You know many of the most important messages:
Be not afraid
Life is a journey from darkness to Light,
from fear to joy,
Life is a process
to your still small voice,
Follow your star, your bliss,
Receive as well as  give,
Embrace your worthiness,
Celebrate your divinity!

and the message that resonates with me the most this year is ….
Say YES!

Saying YES to breaking through the darkness of our fears is the only way to experience more joy!
And what I realize clearly now is that I am ALWAYS saying yes, even when I say ‘no’.
Every No has a Yes to something.   Every Yes has a No to something too.  Often the choices are subtle, but always they are life defining.

In the harried hours of our daily life we often forget that our first YES is to being ALIVE!  It is our way of saying YES to a sacred mystery.  One that can be explored, but never truly explained.

The quality of our life is determined by our Yes’s, so being consciously AWARE of what we are choosing to say YES to is vital to living a freer more joyful life.

I encourage you to embrace the exquisite beauty and darkness of this season by allowing yourself quiet time to reflect on these questions.  You will receive an insight that brings greater clarity to your journey and you will be more AWAKE to your truth.

*What are you willing to say YES to that will deepen the love in your life?
*What are you willing to say No to that will allow you to say Yes to your inner knowing?
*Are you willing  to RECEIVE as well as GIVE the gifts of this season … Hope, Peace, Love, Joy?  

May your experiences this season wrap you in the warmth and comfort of knowing you are precious and important and a light in this world!   

PS  Check out my Sedona Retreat Jan 29-Feb. 1, 2015.    If you say YES,  the experience will be life-defining and life-enriching for you!


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