…AWE!    Not for something spectacular or mysterious outside of yourself, but for YOU!?

This season of beauty, color, and harvest invites us to reflect on the accomplishments in our life.   I encourage you to go outside into a beautiful natural setting, sit with yourSelf and remember.  

Be affirming like you would to a friend,  your best friend.   Acknowledge the courage it took for you to do whatever you are proud of doing.   

Allow yourSelf to embrace whatever thoughts and feelings come up.   

Admire the gifts of your remembering like you admire a brilliant red maple under a bright blue sky!  

Create a ritual for yourself to let go and expand yourSelf into receiving more of the joy you are worthy of experiencing.

Honor the wisdom you gained from all your experiences , and remember that who you have become is truly the most beautiful harvest of this season.  

May this autumn bring you into a deeper appreciation for the journey you’ve been on.

May it also bring you a renewed enthusiasm for continuing to persevere during the  difficult winters of your life.

Sending you waves of love to keep you warm!

Remember to allow yourself time to just BE during this Full Moon.   It’s a time to rest and honor the Divine Feminine energy within you that nurtures and nourishes the Love you are!




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