How do you know if you are Alive Aware Awake?

The Seven Cs
In the English language we have the same pronunciation for many words that are spelled differently and each one has an entirely different meaning. For example:  Sees and Seas.
Sees … we do this with our body / our eyes. We experience clarity and light when our physical eyes are open. When our 6th Chakra Third Eye is open we also see more clearly and experience insights from our personal unconscious and our collective unconscious.

Seas … we sail the seas in calm or stormy weather. The ocean and seas on our planet are all one body of water connected. They are the source of life out of which we evolved. They are also a metaphorical symbol of our feminine energy and our emotions.

The qualities most beneficial to expand into being Alive Aware Awake are all words that begin with the letter C. When we express these qualities, they allow us to see more clearly the truth of who we really are, even in the emotional storms of our life.

For the next 7 weeks we will focus on one of the Seven C’s.  I invite you to reflect on the quality and honor yourself for the moments when you are being the quality. If you have experiences when this isn’t so, remember to affirm your Divine Essence and embrace the deepest truth of who you really are…You are a unique expression of a Life Force Energy expanding in love!


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