For so many of us, there is an old unconscious belief that if something good happens…“just wait, the other shoe will drop.”

With the horrific tragedies all over the globe every day, I think we have come to expect the ‘other shoe’. I dare say, it has even become the energetic field in which so many of us live. We expect the unexpected to be filled with bad news, tragedies, and feelings of powerlessness.

I’m wondering what it would be like if our focus was different. What if we expected delightful surprises instead of the news we are used to getting? What if we chose to face the brutal realities with compassion and necessary actions, AND we also consciously chose to expect something different?

One of the reasons I love fireworks is because I always expect beauty and fun surprises. I believe we can do the same when we look to our global future.

On the micro level, how would our lives be different if we simply acknowledged the delightful surprises that occur daily in our lives? Do you think it would begin to shift our awareness and our expectations on the macro level? Would that new focus help us counterbalance the ‘other shoe’ mentality?

You probably already have a Gratitude Journal. Would you like to join me this summer in tweeking our journals to be specifically for Delightful Surprises?  What a joy it will be to look back in September and see what unexpected goodness we saw, heard about, or experienced ourselves!

I’ll start right now. I used a holistic approach to think of some things and this is what bubbled up in my awareness. Delightful Surprises that affect my:

BODY – I’ve committed to being in a NIA dance class every week!   I am so looking forward to dancing with fun friends and feeling re-energized from the dopamine rush every week!   I intend to do it way beyond this summer too.
MIND – Yesterday I bought a small season package to the MN Orchestra!   I feel confident I will be rewarded with mind blowing musical performances by masters and my own mind will expand and so will my happiness barometer!  
SOUL – I’m focusing my Gratitude Journal on all the small unexpected delightful surprises and allowing my soul to feel the gratitude, not just write about it.

What do you think? Can our individual shifts in consciousness shift the energy of the planet? Do you think we are near the ‘100th monkey’? Are you feeling hopeful about our future, or are you waiting for the ‘other shoe to drop’?

If you decide to tweek your Gratitude Journal, I’d love to hear from you. And if you feel a shift in your energy by focusing on delightful surprises, I will celebrate with you!

PS   I’m going to all the fireworks displays I can this summer…at least 4 BIG ones!!!  

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