What does a Lake Superior women’s retreat have in common with color crayons?

Did you stay within the lines, or did you color outside the lines as a child?  Did you enjoy coloring no matter what?

I always loved to color … but in school, I made sure to color within the lines.  It was that ‘good student’ aspect of me.   And now?   I’ve found out how much I like scribbling with crayons!   I feel so much freer and curious about what will be created.  Sometimes I like what emerges, sometimes not.   A bit like the order within the chaos of my life!

If you ‘color’ today as an adult, are you staying within the lines of  life  that a ‘teacher’ drew for you?  Or on occasion, do you get outside of the box and do something totally serendipitous and fun?

And speaking of fun 

I’m just learning at this late date in my life that a vital part of a healthy life is having fun!   I always thought it was a ‘lucky’ reward for having completed my work.  YIKES!   No wonder I love what I do …  it is fun work!!!

For me,  Fun can happen by doing a lot of things, but it most often it includes laughing with friends or family. Other activities are vital to living a healthy life for me, but they aren’t necessarily ‘fun’!

When is the last time you did something ‘different’ that was fun?   I don’t mean the regular old stuff you always do, I mean something different?

If it is time for you to do something out of the ordinary that is fun, I invite you to come gather with me in a Serendipity Circle.   I promise you an experience that will touch your heart and soul, and it will be fun!.

On October 1 Alive Aware Awake women will gather in retreat Circle up at the Great Lake Superior and on October 7 we will gather at our monthly Serendipity Circle in Minneapolis.  At both these events, there will be women you and I have never met before, and there might be some old friends, and for sure you will share belly laughs and deep wisdom with women just like you!

Don’t think about this invitation too hard or too long.   Instead, trust your intuition and if you feel nudged to gather with us, give me a call.  I’d love to have a conversation with you to see if either a Serendipity Circle or Retreat is the ‘out of the ordinary FUN’ thing you are yearning for right now!
Wishing you many moments of enjoying Nature’s coloring this month!

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