Are you glad to be alive?
Even when you are physically tired and emotionally exhausted, do you feel grateful to be breathing?
I do,  and my hope is that you do too.

This seasonal time of transition from what appears to be death to the stirrings of new life offers us the opportunity to consciously choose to be renewed in our passion for life.   And Spring also provides opportunities for us to feel renewed unexpectedly!

Like it did for me early this evening.   I had a full day filled with the love and energy of Awake! Women as we laughed and sang and shared wisdom from the ages. I came home from that gathering feeling so grateful and energized.   So energized that I needed a nap.  So I took one!

When I woke up, the sun was getting lower in the sky and I wanted to enjoy the last bit of bright yellow rays and the warmer temps, so I went out to rake up a very small section of our lawn.

The physical exercise was invigorating for sure, but to my surprise, it was the earthy fresh smell of the soil that really evoked a strong feeling of joy!
I just kept slowly breathing it all in … all my senses were awakened and I even felt like I was tasting the air and the dirt!   I giggled aloud!   Then I kept raking.    I had a job to finish you know.

Here is my wisdom gem from that experience …  It only takes a moment to be rejuvenated!

And the more moments you create by being in the moment, the greater your joy and sense of renewal!
And the greater your sense of joy, the easier it is to say you are glad to be alive!

Have you ever heard John Denver sing his song
I Want to Live   It is one of my all time favorites.  It lifts up my spirit when I’m down and it allows me to soar when I’m feeling good.

I invite you to click on the  youtube link  and listen to him sing it.   I trust it will inspire you and create a rejuvenating moment for you!

I also invite you to come and experience a spring renewal up at Lake Superior with us.   The retreat May 14-17 is full of moments that will touch your heart and soul and re-ignite your passion for living your life with enthusiasm, love, and joy!

Wishing you many moments of serend!p!tous moments of delightful surprises!


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