I was taught to ‘squeal like a girl’ when the boys brought the creepy crawly critters around.

I was with my 8 year old granddaughter and grandson and under a big bright full moon both of them were catching moths, frogs, spiders and loving it!!!  I watched them and marveled how much their enthusiasm for discovery overcame any cultural based fear.  As usual, they are my wisest teachers and greatest examples of being in the delight of the moment.

One of the things I delight in on a hot sultry August evening is the crickets singing their song with full voice!   It is my night time lullaby.

I love crickets … their many voices are in such beautiful harmony and synchronicity that they sound like one powerful voice.   Hahhhhhhhhh, now that image evokes a great provocative question!   “When is the most recent time you added your voice to many others and created a symphony of beauty and power, rather than a cacophony of discontent?  Even more importantly, ‘When have all the voices in your head been in clear harmony and created feelings of Joy and Gratitude?  Remember those moments, allow them to energize you and strengthen your belief in the importance of expressing your truth.   Our ‘one’ voice does make a difference!!

It is my privilege to listen to the voices of women sharing their wisdom.  Truly it is a gift beyond measure when I am in circle with other wise women who are authentic and courageously speak the truth of who they are…their essence and  their imperfections.   It is so inspiring.   And it happens at every Serend!p!ty Circle.

I invite you to join me in these circles .  Intuitively, you will know which retreat or meeting is calling to you …  I hope you will say Yes! and come and add your voice to the choir of women singing the song in their hearts!

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