So many ways to make resolutions…so many ways to shame your self; and yet dreams are only realized through intention and action!
You can write SMART goals, OR write a goal in each category of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, Or you can create a bucket list,
OR …

Have you thought of this?
Make just this one yearly resolution ….
Each month take an inspired step that comes to you intuitively.

Inspired steps are ones that come from the heart, not the head and certainly not the ‘I should…’ list.
Inspired steps come from your Divine Essence, your personal unique expression of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Energy within you.
And you need both to create.

The Divine Feminine receives the idea and nurtures it. The Divine Masculine protects the idea and takes action to manifest it. Both take great courage.
Not allowing ourselves to be open to new ideas makes us barren and boring. Not taking the necessary actions to bring forth the idea keeps us perpetually pregnant… and crabby!

What do you dream of? What are you yearning for? What will bring a smile to your life?

Gathering women to share their wisdom in more areas of the world is one of my dreams. My next step is to do it in Austin, TX and Charleston SC.
I’m already smiling at the joy of meeting more wise woman across the country .

It’s not too late … the month is only 1/2 over. What action are you inspired to take this month?
Go ahead. Do it. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energy within you yearns to create!

Wishing you Joy on this journey!

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