What are the full blossoms in your life right now?   In what area do you feel content to sit back and enjoy all the beauty you have co-created?  What relationships are you in that are blooming right now?  No, they don’t have to be ‘perfect’….just blossoming!

Summertime is a wonderful time to reflect on the goodness in your life at this very moment. You have worked hard to co-create many beautiful gardens of relationships and experiences. It has not always been easy to weed out the unhealthy beliefs, the un-supportive people, the habitual patterns of negative behaviors, and the overwhelming daily cultural influences. But you have done it … many times. And you can do it again!

Remembering the moments of your accomplishments is the foundation for creating even more beauty in your life garden. Go ahead, take a deep oxytocin breath and allow the memories and the feeling of pride in work well done to re-energize you.   Make the commitment to weed out what is not working and to lovingly tend to what will support more blossoms in your life.

Allow the summer sunshine of awareness and the rain of renewing energy to be the catalyst for new growth in all the areas of your life and to deepen the love you already experience.

May your gardens continue to grow in love and joy!

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