When is the last time you heard a teenager, or your friend,  or yourself say:
   ‘Ya,  I know…whatever!” ?

Is there any better expression of a closed mind and an attitude of resignation? What was your visceral experience when you heard it spoken?  When is the last time you felt this way?   What was the conversation about?   Were you aware that you were shutting down and going into a flight or freeze mode? 

In today’s fast paced world with a gzillion changes occurring in our life every day,  it is so easy to just slip into the unconscious pattern of resigning ourselves to what seems too complicated or too impossible to change.  What if our awareness of this pattern was enough to fuel the energy needed to look deeply and choose to put forth the effort to make desired changes.

I am reminded of the Serenity Prayer ... 
God, Grant me the Serenity
to accept what I cannot change,
the Courage to change what I can,
and the Wisdom to know the difference.

It’s the Wisdom aspect that is the most difficult for me.   I am a ‘can do’ person that will make things happen. I am also experienced enough to usually recognize when it’s obvious that I cannot change something.  It’s discerning the difference  in the grey areas that are often clouded by my old beliefs and behaviors.   I ‘know’ I can really only change myself; but what are my responsibilities toward family?  How can I ‘do something’ to ripple changes in the world?  How will I intentionally channel my divine creative energies to add more joy to my life and others?

The first thing I get to do is intentionally open up my mind and heart like the full blooms of summer that have unfolded.  And then I get to embrace the fact that things are already changing.  Fall is coming.   I get to choose if I am to go into this with resignation or with an embrace of the beauty and the unexpected delights that will occur!   That open heart and physical stance will allow aha’s’ to rise up and support me in living the Serenity Prayer with greater conscious attention.

One of the best ways to discern answers is to go on a retreat and get away from the routine and the conflicting voices in your head. Focusing on gratitude for who you are and what is in your life, and listening to the wisdom of Nature and other wise women allows you to experience the serenity you yearn for in all areas of your life.

Are you willing to open up to greater clarity this Fall before winter sets in? Yes? Then come gather with us for the FALL into GRATITUDE retreat up at Lake Superior Sept. 27-29.  It’s an experience that is life-enriching for sure!  Here is what Cynthia said about it:

I had never attended any of Mary’s events before the Fall into Gratitude retreat, but it sounded fun, at a great price, happening on the North Shore, which I love, so I signed up. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done! The days were perfectly balanced with time for group activity, alone time for reflection, intimate conversation and exploring the stunning beauty of our environment. I would recommend the retreat to anyone who is looking for deeper connection to themselves and others, discovery of the power of gratitude and an experience of natural beauty that is unsurpassed in almost all the world!”

Cynthia Wold  co-author of The Art of Convening: Authentic Engagement in Meetings, Gatherings, and Conversations

I hope you will gather with us…it will be an experience of deep wisdom and serenity!

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