We’ve experienced a lot of it lately and our future promises to have so much more.   It’s obvious that some changes evoke excitement and other changes evoke fear.    What I’m wondering is: how do you move gracefully through all the emotions caused by change in your life?  What are some concrete ways you have found that help you go with the flow that is inevitable?

On the global level the changes that affect us are often times so subtle and our lack of awareness keeps us feeling insulated from them.

Or the changes are so complex that we feel powerless to do anything.

Or the changes are so promising that the energy is contagious and uplifting and might even feel unmanageable.

I’ve felt all of these in many different areas of my life and at various times on the global scale.   What I know to be true is that when the changes feel bigger than what I can handle, I need to intentionally create small changes in my personal life.  By doing that I again feel like the co-creator of my life and the micro changes begin to get me comfortable at the macro level.    

Here are some suggestions for creating the small changes that could make a BIG difference in how you go with the flow of change.

*    Say the Serenity Prayer … and discern what you get to let go of and what you are called to do.
*   Go to bed or get up 1/2 hour earlier every day for 3 weeks.
*   Drive home a new way for a week or two or three…
*   Write your grocery list with your opposite hand
*   Order something new and different at a favorite restaurant
*   Practice Ho’oponopono … the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness.
*   Say Yes to doing something creative that you have wanted to do … like a painting class,  piano lessons,  voice lessons,  traveling to a new place…

When you allow yourself to be courageous and confident enough to be proactive and create changes on your own,  the inevitable changes in your outer world will be less fearful and your life will be more joyful!  

Wishing you the deep serenity that comes from knowing the truth of the scientific and spiritual principle:   there is order in what appears to be chaos…. every moment.    

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