For me, the concept of being both human and Divine is a basic truth.   If you are reading this,  I think it might be for you as well.

At this time of year when so many ancient traditions celebrate their beliefs around resurrection of the earth and our body,  I want to share one of my deepest beliefs.  It is this …. even with all my imperfections and my faults,  I am a divine goddess, and so are you.  

This is not really a new revelation to you, I’m sure.  I’ll even bet you’ve said it before too.   But I’m wondering if talking about your divinity or claiming being a ‘goddess’ is just a spoken affirmation, or do you really embrace this at  your core?  Does this truth vibrate in your cells and evoke awe and wonder, or instead, do you  feel a sense of resistance and hear the little voice in your head saying ‘yeah, right!’ more often than you’d like?

If you would like to sink into the comfort of a sacred circle of authentic women and experience profound activities and a wisdom sharing conversation about your divine journey,  I invite you to gather with me on sacred land at Lake Superior for the Embracing the Goddess Within You retreat April 28- May1.

This retreat is about celebrating the fullness of being a woman in our own unique expression of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

The goddess archetypes are only used as a framework to identify what it really means to be a goddess today in the 21st century. The activities are designed around embracing nature, your body, your creativity, your intuition, and celebrating the community of women.

This is not about male-bashing or challenging institutions or worshiping goddesses.  It is about your spiritual journey and the aha insights you receive will be life enriching, and could be life-changing!

“I want to thank you for the incredible experience of last weekend. It was truly magical, and I am not the same person I was when the retreat started….. God bless you and this work which is helping to illuminate our world.” Debra

By the way … did I mention that soul touching uplifting music is a vital element of this retreat?  And also,  did I mention that playfulness and humor abound!  The archetypal energy of the goddess Baubo keeps us having fun!!!

Come gather with us...share your wisdom, play, laugh, cry, dance, sing, explore and return home feeling freer, more empowered, and more deeply honored than ever before!

“My mind thanks you!  My body thanks you!  My spirit thanks you!  What an amazing retreat!  Thank you for bringing forth the courage, wisdom, leadership and intent that allowed all the beautiful women to experience such incredible richness and transformation!   Bonnie

This retreat is limited to 12 women.  REGISTER NOW on this website to reserve your space in this sacred circle!


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