A Full Moon  and  the  Summer Solstice!

On Monday, June 20!   A day of significance for all of us.   But why,  and so what?

Here is what it means to me….
It is a day of possible profound energetic Balance of the Feminine and Masculine energies within the Universe.  This energetic balance is what I continually strive for within me.

I know everything is energy, and I know all the elements of the Universe are within me, but I do forget my oneness with that Source energy way too often.    FIRE WITHIN by the women’s group LIBANA is a beautiful chant that raises my vibration and gets me singing the truth of my energetic oneness.  I invite you to listen to it … often.   And let me know if you can listen without singing along with them!!

Be, Do, Have
Have you heard of the BE, DO, HAVE relationship for living in a higher consciousness?   I see a correlation with the energies of the sun and moon:

Who I am BEING informs my DOING and that behavior gets me what I am  HAVING.

The FULL MOON is a time to BE … to stop all the doing and revitalize the feminine energy needed to receive and nourish new dreams.

The SUN is the masculine energy, the muscle that births what we desire to HAVE. It is the energy that moves us to DO what needs to be done. 

Never Be The Sun is a song that sums up the beauty and power of WHO we are!  The Lyrics are by Dolores Keane and I like the arrangement by David Howard.

You’ll never be the sun turning in the sky
And you won’t be the moon above us on a moonlit night
And you won’t be the stars in heaven
Although they burn so bright
But even on the deepest ocean
You will be the light

  An Invitation to you….

On Monday, June 20  Sunrise is at 5:36am CDT & the Full Moon is at 6:04am.
(The Solstice  is at 5:34pm and Sunset is at 9:03.)
I invite you to get up and BE in this moment of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Balance.   Allow yourself to breathe in the beauty of your life and feel the energy surge through you. 
Ask yourself these 2 questions:  (Then you can go back to bed!)

You will intuitively know what your body, mind, and soul want to express at that moment. 

“What is my dream for this summer?
“Who do I get to BE to co-create it?”

May your summer be playful and fruitful and filled with ease and the Light of Love!
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