Summer Solstice Circle Gathering

sunrise over water

Join us for an uplifting online gathering where we’ll embrace the powerful energy of the Summer Solstice to illuminate our paths and shine our brightest light! ✨

🎶 Immerse yourself in soul-touching music 💬 Engage in thought-provoking musings 💃 Delight in the joy of movement 🧘‍♀️ Be revitalized through meditation.         Yes, all this can happen on a zoom call!

For only $11, you’ll gain access to a transformative program centered around the theme “Shine Your Light,” designed to ignite your inner fire. 🔥

Step into our Serendipity Circle where you are safe and respected and delightful surprises await you every time.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded souls and bask in the radiant energy of the Summer Solstice.


INVITE your friends from across the world to gather with us and share this experience with you!

Reserve your spots now and help our lights shine brighter than ever before! 💫

*Recording of the event will be sent to registrants in the days following the event, so you’ll want to register for the event even if you cannot make it live with us.

 Shine Your Light! 


Choose to pause on this powerful day of Nature.


Create  time for yourSelf to BE.


Come gather with us in a sacred, fun cyberspace Circle. 



Leave eager to allow your Light  to sparkle even brighter!




Say YES! 





  A Serendipity online Gathering 

Thursday,  June 20

3:00 – 4:00 CDT    $11.00

(Solstice time is 3:50pm Central Time)


Being part of one of Mary’s circles blesses me in many ways. She always attracts amazing women to her circles – and it seems that each time I am in one of them, many very heartwarming, fulfilling and clarifying things happen. My intuition deepens and I find that I become more connected to Me and others. And … we always have a lot of fun!

Anne B.

Claim your space in this Circle NOW!

Contact Mary   763.807.6872

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