Alive Aware Awake!

Experience the Magic of Sedona

Sedona, AZ

February 23-27, 2025

Do you yearn to be with soul sisters in a magical place?

Do you yearn to feel stronger and more empowered?

Do you yearn to feel the gentleness of your Soul?

Come gather with us and…





EXPERIENCE the vortex energy of the Red Rocks and Oak Creek Canyon

RECEIVE new insights around…

  • The trinity of who you are Body, Mind, and Soul.
  • The 7 C’s of being Alive Aware Awake!
  • The wisdom in your personal story.
When you COME….

  • You will experience a profound sense of honoring and acceptance.
  • You will embrace the feminine & masculine energies that are uniquely within you.
  • You will laugh, cry, eat, play, share, sing, dance, and celebrate yourself as a woman of grace and power!

HOW can this happen?

  • This is an experiential retreat … No powerpoint!
  • The activities are simple, engaging, and FUN!
  • The music resonates with your deepest wisdom.
  • The rituals are simple, sacred, and meaningful.
  • The women are wise, curious, and respectful.
  • The coaching is gentle, affirming, and empowering.
  • The magnificent beauty and powerful energy of the red rocks creates magic!

Retreat Presenters

mary welsh Mary Welch is a ToP facilitator from the Institute of Cultural Affairs and she is a CTI trained life coach who is passionate about gathering women in sacred spaces.  Her creatively designed retreats facilitate reconnecting with your inner self and they offer you a way to do this in a safe group setting of love, support, and fun!  At a Serendipity Circle Retreat you are truly nourished and renewed in deep and vital ways which enrich your life and add joy to your journey!


“My final morning here among the fabulous red rocks of Sedona. I awoke earlier this morning and thought how lonely it seemed now that my circle of women was gone…. I am so grateful for the variety of  activities on this retreat and for the opportunity to be in the stunning beauty of the red rocks with authentic wise women …. I’ve had so many awareness’s in this time in Sedona.  It was an Alive, Aware, Awake retreat that brought me deep healing and joy!”
Barb F

Spiritual Seeker

IMAGINE coming home from this retreat …

  • Feeling rested and energized all at the same time!
  • Being more in love with yourself!
  • Having new soul sister friends!
  • Ready to take your next step forward fearlessly

AGENDA outline…

Morning Sessions will be at the beautiful Arabella Hotel.

EVERY afternoon will be spent outside exploring, hiking, and participating in activities that enrich the experience of BEing in awe of the magnificent beauty of Sedona!

Sunday  February 16, 2025

6:00 PM: Calling the Circle

Monday, February 17, 2025

Morning: 7C’s of being ALIVE AWARE AWAKE
Afternoon: ALIVE in our surroundings!
Evening: Relax & Rejuvenate

Tuesday, February 18, 2025

Morning: ALIVE in our Body!
Afternoon: Exploring within & without
Evening: Relax & Rejuvenate

Wednesday, February 19, 2025

Morning: AWARE of the Wisdom Within
Afternoon: Exploring within & without
Evening: Sacred Ceremony.

Thursday, February 20, 2025

Morning: AWAKE to the Mystery!                           Closing the Circle




Say YES!

Choose this retreat as your next step on your journey to wholeness and you will be welcomed into an amazing circle of women!

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