About Mary J Welch

A short introduction...
I am uniquely gifted as a life coach and ToP facilitator with a depth and breath of training and life experiences.  My work is my bliss and with deep humility I acknowledge it is divinely designed.

Author • Inspirant • Life Coach • Facilitator

Mary Welch is a spiritual seeker whose life experiences and never ending quest for knowledge and training have inspired her to share her wisdom. Through various tools, Mary shows you how to navigate your own journey to being Alive Aware Awake! Mary creates sacred spaces and then shows you ways to experience insights that will move you forward in living your life with enthusiasm and gratitude.

Alive Aware Awake… Living an Ordinary Sacred Life tells Mary’s personal journey in a conversation style. In addition to the book there is an ebook, and a journal workbook for anyone wishing to embark on their own adventure into self-realization and higher consciousness.

In addition to offering her services as a personal life coach Mary facilitates workshops and retreats using Serendipity Circles as one of the tools to become Alive Aware Awake. The energy experienced at these empowering events is healing and nurturing and joyful!

Mary has been married to her husband Mike for over 50 years.  They live in the Minneapolis area and their three daughters and families live close by.  Mary is well respected in her community and her work has enriched the lives of women from all over the world.



  • BA in Transformational Leadership
  • Graduate of Coaches Training Institute
  • Graduate of Institute of Cultural Affairs ToP Facilitator
  • Landmark Education
  • Vistar Integrated Programs
  • Nine Gates Mystery School
  • BraveHeart Women Resonate Training
  • Millionaire Mind Intensive
  • Canfield Breakthrough to Success
  • New Thought Spiritual seminars


A worldwide community of women who are Alive Aware Awake and energized to co-create a positive shift in our world.


Gather women together in sacred circles to co-create holistic experiences that transform their individual lives and our collective consciousness.




  • To honor the body, mind, and soul of all women.
  • To support women in living fulfilled lives.
  • To celebrate the uniqueness of every woman.
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